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LEDinside: Sony and Apple R&D Investments to Spur Micro-LED Displays Mass Production in 2018


Following LCD and AMOLED, micro-LED has emerged as the next-generation display technology that is expected to be deployed widely in various applications. Increasing interests from electronics giants Apple and Sony during the recent period have encouraged further investments in micro-LED and accelerated the timetable for its commercialization.

GE Lighting Challenge Stimulates Next Generation of Connected Home LEDs


To propel the connected home forward, GE is not only relying on inventors within its own walls, but challenging the Maker community to share their best ideas. Nearly 1,000 makers, from college students to data scientists, submitted connected lighting ideas for the home as part of an open innovation challenge built by GE

LRC Expands Research to Encompass Connected Lighting, 3D Printing


LED fixtures and lamps have mostly matured, so now there is a push toward exploring how LED lighting can be customized and how to use lighting to gather information that provides greater value to both producers and users

Researchers Find New Form of Light


Light State vs. Dark State. When the rotor molecules are in a thick solution, their capacity to vibrate is limited and so they emit light instead of heat—as shown by a flickering blue cloud around the molecule on left. When the molecules are in a thinner solution, they vibrate more easily—making a full rotation—and so they release energy as heat instead of light, as shown on right.

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